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Assistant Business Manager

  • Primary function is to assist in office and/or administrative management.
  • Manage, co-ordinate, and supervise a group of subordinates that provide the administrative support functions to the college.
  • Will be expected to have a wide variety of responsibilities, such as assisting in the budget preparation process, controlling budget expenditures and revenues, recommending space and equipment requirements. In addition to providing direct supervision that includes conducting performance evaluations, the applicant will be expected to advise on administrative matters to senior management, carry out special assignments for senior staff, identify problem areas, determine solutions and implement changes.
  • As part of the administrative management/supervisory role, the employee’s knowledge and ability will extend to developing work methods and procedures, and modifying existing procedures that will accommodate an ever-changing environment.
  • Manages all logistics of the school as directed
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

  • Degree in Business/Administrative Management and other relevant qualifications and three years’ work experience will be an added advantage
  • Management in a school is a plus