The Modern Languages Department

In the Modern Languages Department, we believe that language learning goes hand in hand with the development of the mind; therefore all students should have the opportunity to learn another language.  Learning a second language is not all about learning a set of grammar rules. The exploration of another language provides a significant experience in international education, enabling students to understand and appreciate other cultures, gain awareness of cultural diversity and develop a deeper understanding of themselves in relation to others.

Through effective communication in languages other than their own, students become skilled analysts and observers of other societies and will be prepared to live in an interconnected world. 

The study of another language is a process that requires regular and autonomous practice within four main areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order to make good progress, students need to demonstrate the following qualities: risk-taking, tolerance to error, self-evaluation, and peer-evaluation.

The Foreign Languages courses we offer are:

In addition, we offer the following First Languages courses:

At IB Diploma level, other Language A options may also be offered as School-supported Self-taught Language A if required by students. Somali A and Portuguese A have previously been offered.

Study of French at IGCSE Level

Because Ghana is surrounded by Francophone countries, all students take French either as a foreign or first language. Students without previous experience of French are offered an intensive course over the two years of the IGCSE and may wish to continue the course into the IBDP if they meet the minimum requirement.

IGCSE First Language French is offered to students from French-speaking countries and is taken alongside First Language English.

Study of Language at IB Diploma Level

Language A

Language Acquisition

The degree to which students are already competent in the language and the degree of proficiency they wish to attain by the end of the period of study are the most important factors in identifying the appropriate language acquisition course. It is essential that students are following a course that is best suited to their present and future needs and that will provide them with an appropriate academic opportunity even though a given course may be challenging.

To this end, a range of Language options is offered by the Modern Foreign Languages Department.

Language B

Language ab initio

Alternatively, students may opt to study a new language at ab initio (SL). This course is not available to students with previous experience of or exposure to the language. The two languages offered at ab initio are Spanish and Swahili.

Staff Members in the Modern Languages Department

French and Spanish