The Ilera Initiative is an event-based student initiative made up of passionate, health conscious young people who aim to create an awareness of the importance of being healthy by utilizing our own indigenous ingredients and resources . Ilera supports the outside community with the help of funds that are raised through the initiation of different health related projects.

The idea for this initiative came up after a conversation the co-founders Annette Amoa and Naasey Arthur had with the our former school counsellor, Dr. Funke Baffour-Awuah concerning her use of under-utilized African ingredients in baking delicious but nonetheless healthy foods.

This sparked the students’ interest in taking this brilliant idea to a larger scale. They decided to undertake a project which was to focus on the sale of nourishing bakery products to raise awareness in the school community whilst raising funds to purchase sport and health-related items for under-privileged individuals outside to improve their well being. The idea then grew into one which incorporated the previous concept with other avenues to emphasize physical and mental fitness. 

Other activities of the Ilera initiative include dance aerobics session and a healthy bake sale . All of these were warmly received by the school community. The plan for the future is to organise more bake sales, aerobic sessions and a health forum after the mid-semester break.

Patrons: Ms Joyce Dzide-Tei

Executives: Naasey Arthur and Annette Amoa (presidents) Nana Abayie Quakyi and Carlton Segbefia (creative directors) Masika Masitula (production director) Jessica Mbrokoh-Ewoal (financial director) Eyram Agbe (secretary) Olusegun Olayinka (publicity director) Nicole Brakohapia, Gyanwaa Amoah, Mariah Kwamboka, Cecelia Phoebe Atieno, Jean Prime Nishimwe, Nana Kofi Bonsu Darko (Ilera Fitness Team)