Illustrations is a year old inspiration-driven initiative which encourages students to identify areas of need in their community, share it with the team and work collaboratively with volunteers to serve the target community.

This initiative was birthed when the founder, Michelle Cobblah, worked with some children in the SOS Village Ghana for some time as part of her CAS curriculum. While working with the children at the SOS Village Michelle discovered the passion to help children enjoy the endless journey called Education. When teaching the children at the SOS Village; helping them complete their assignments and joining in their fun and excitement, she grew to love children more and more. One thing she realized was how much they loved colours, so by splashing some colours into their artistic assignments, work was done much more willingly. 'On one day at work, I received a hug from a child in the village as a welcome gesture, and having been so touched by the heart-warming action, said to myself, that the love that coexisted between those children and I would have to extend to others in other communities.' said Michelle while speaking to the volunteers for the first project under her initiative.

Currently, two projects have been undertaken under the name of this initiative. The first dealt with enhancing the aesthetics of a nursery school building. The prior concern was to make the learning facility a more beautiful, playful and friendly place where the children could be happier, more comfortable and encouraged to go to school everyday. Furthermore, learning materials such as chalk, stationery, writing and reading books, were donated to improve the teaching and learning process of the nursery students.

The second was a disease-outbreak inspired project. Volunteers agreed to participate in a clean-up project for a school located in Ashaiman, a town known for its poor sanitary conditions. A health talk on cholera by COY Pediatric centre began the three day 'keep the community clean campaign'. The team believed imparting knowledge on the young students about cleanliness would leave a lasting impression on their lives and help them to be more conscious about their lifestyle. This was followed by a dental screening for the students by the SAB Dental Clinic after which students with dental defects were given a free appointment as a form of sponsorship from the dental clinic.

Illustrations is yet to come up with its newest project aiming to help less fortunate children in neighboring countries. It is our sincere hope that together, we who can, will make the difference, no matter how small, in the lives of the innocent children who need it.

'Our target is to reach out to children; our intention is to help less privileged young ones.'