The Mathematics Department of SOS-HGIC strives to endow students with a high ability to challenge themselves against other students around the world by competing in various Mathematical contests and competitions. Prominent among these contests have been the Canadian Mathematics Contests and recently, the International Mathematics Olympiad.

For the last nine years, the school has been registering some of our top students and others who express interest in writing such contests.

Canadian Mathematics Contests

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, CEMC, of the University of Waterloo, Canada, gives the opportunity to over 200000 students to engage with their peers around the world in solving some challenging questions in the subject of Mathematics. SOS-HGIC has been involved with three of such contests, namely:

The above mentioned contests are opportunities for students to write a full-solution test. They are fun ways to develop mathematical problem solving skills through a written mathematical activity.

The Mathematics Department registers between 4 and 8 students from each class for the various competitions to compete with over 18000 students worldwide in their divisions. The performances of our students have been very impressive with most of our students obtaining distinctions in their respective contests. Students obtain distinctions if they rank among the top 25% of all competing students. In the Galois and Hypatia contests, the distinction bracket is classified into Gold, Silver or Bronze by placing them in the ratio 1:2:3 respectively.

Senyo Kofi Ohene, of IB2, remains the all time top scorer in the Galois contest in the school.

Aidan Acquah, Class of 2011, is the all time top scorer in the Hypatia division; he obtained Gold in that year. Richard Awuku-Aboagye, Class of 2013, is the all time top scorer in the Euclid contest.

We encourage all students to visit the website,, and practise some questions. Remember, Mathematics is meant to be fun and not scary!

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the world championship problem solving competition for the most talented high school mathematicians selected globally through various national selection programs. The competition is by invitation only to the country's best high school mathematicians. Ghana's first invitation to the Olympiad was in the year 2014 in South Africa after the Olympiads 55 year history.

For the 2015 selection process, SOS-HGIC was invited to compete with other schools. At the end of all four rounds of the tournament, two of our students, Ms. Nuneke Fafa Kwetey and Master Senyo Kofi Edziani Ohene, then IB1 students, were considered among the top four high school Mathematics Students in Ghana. The two are part of a group of five students, who were invited to represent Ghana at this year’s International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand which took place from 4th -16th July, 2015. Among those who prepared the students for the competition was, Mr. Selorm Yaw Ohene, an alumnus of the school studying Mathematics at Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA. Selorm Ohene also accompanied the group to Thailand.