Overview of Clubs

Clubs in SOS-HGIC provide exciting avenues through which students form and build on their leadership skills, confidence, and public speaking skills, and form stronger bonds with others. As a means to facilitate student’s development outside the classroom, a variety of clubs, under the guidance and supervision of dedicated patrons, are available to students.


The Interact Club is a subsidiary youth club of Rotary Club international. The main goal of the club is to foster leadership and responsible citizenship and promote international understanding and peace. Interact Club mainly provides service to our internal and immediate external communities through activities that will make our lives and those of other people better. The name “Interact” is a combination of the words “International” and “Action” which reflects the aim of the club. They aim for 'service above self'.


The Consortium Club is a business oriented club that seeks to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of SOS-HGIC. The club aims to enable at least half of the school population to be partially economically independent through the sales of shares in our limited liability company. Profit is made on share through the sales of mainly African clothing and Accessories and bake sales.


The CheckMath Club is a club that seeks to build and explore the creative, analytical and calculative skills of its members through fun math activities and the game of chess. Formerly known as Math and Chess Clubs, this merger has organized successful events such as Pie Baking Day Contest, Human Chess Math Activity, the annual Pi Day Treasure Hunt and continues to provide different avenues for building interests in the mathematics and chess areas.



The MUN Club is a highly intensive United Nations simulator which organizes events and meetings centered on writing, debating and networking in a bid to raise future leaders of the United Nations and various organizations. The club has seen progressive increases in membership with simulations, engaging club meetings, and local and international conferences. We seeks to pull in the voices of the youth and often-marginalized groups around the globe to push the world’s development further in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals.


The Photography Club seeks to train and guide students with a passion for photography. It aims to provide a platform for students to be able to share the pictures and passion for photography with each other.


As one of the most popular clubs in the school, the Pan-African Club seeks to promote and foster the spirit of Pan-Africanism in our community by encouraging members to develop a thoughtful appreciation for Africa. The club also keeps the college community abreast with current and pertinent issues of the continent.


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