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standr3Founded in 1947, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is an independent, college preparatory school for students in pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The school has earned a national reputation for academic excellence, but St. Andrew’s understands that an outstanding educational experience isn’t limited to academics.

"While some St. Andrew’s students are math whizzes or gifted writers, others were born to paint a portrait or perform a song. Some students excel on the field or the court, while others are more at home conducting experiments in a physics or robotics lab. Some are natural leaders, while others are the glue that binds a team together. Some students long to see the world, while others want to serve in their own communities.

That’s why St. Andrew’s doesn’t stop with challenging students in the classroom. Instead, St. Andrew’s helps each student explore his or her individual interests and strengths, and then teaches students how to build on those unique gifts for success not only at St. Andrew’s, but also in college, in a career, and in life. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is the place to find your inner genius, your hidden talent, or your championship season.  It’s the place to find your strength, your passion, and your own path to future success."

These are some lines from the St. Andrews Episcopal School’s website. For the last 7 years, SOS-HGIC has been involved with the St. Andrews Episcopal School in Jackson, Mississippi, in the USA. We have had three different groups of students visiting the other school within the last six years. While in Ghana, we have taken our visitors to places where they could learn about the rich culture and history of our country; our visitors are taken to see some parts of the Ashanti region, the central region and other exciting tourist centres in the country. We have also had joint community programmes with our visitors all the times they have been around and they have equally made significant contributions to our Community Service Projects. Our students and staff who have also visited St. Andrew’s School have served as true ambassadors of Africa and among other things help to correct some of the wrong notions held by many Americans about Africa especially those in the basic schools who get the opportunity to ask questions and learn from us as we also get to learn from them. We have indeed been privilege to get to know the rich culture and history of the Mississippi State. The music, museums and the people are worth identifying with. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a place to be to have such fun and education for the week and a half that we spend there.