MUN Club

The SOS-HGIC Model United Nations Club serves as a platform for students’ rhetoric development, with focus on encouraging international mindedness in our school community by simulating the United Nations. The club provides an avenue for students to talk about issues of global significance at Friday evening meetings, which revolve around pertinent world issues. Students are engaged in activities that allow them to express their opinions in a welcoming and intellectually challenging space. The club also features at local and international conferences such as the Georgetown-Qatar Model United Nations Conference, Boston Model United Nations Conference and the recently registered National High School MUN Conference in New York, USA, Tema International School Model United Nations and Ghana International School MUN Conference. Delegates are adequately prepared for conferences through discussions with experienced club executives, and receive support with resolution- making and consensus building skills.

Once every three years, the MUN club hosts a conference, to which local sister schools are invited. Additionally, we have internal conferences such as the Model African Union Conference, which is held collaboratively with the Pan-African Club. Students are kept abreast on international affairs with weekly news updates through videos and on the club’s notice board. Membership is open to all students who are interested in improving their speaking and debating skills.


The College Magazine is one of the creative hubs of the school. Here, students show off their writing skills in a way which is free-flowing and fun for them all. Students submit articles, jokes, columns, comic strips and a host of other media meant to highlight their talents in a manner that is mindful of the values of the school community and the diverse backgrounds of the student body. It is for and by the student community in every possible way: run by a core editorial team of IB1 students and aided by a creative team of students of all ages.


8-count is currently the only dance club in the school. Members of the club are taught contemporary dancing skills as well as how to choreograph and perform at some school functions





The Debate Club has the aim of equipping students in SOS-HGIC with reasoning, public speaking and argumentative skills. Its purpose is to give all students the chance to express themselves eloquently, coherently and composedly.



The Probotics club is an open door that welcomes all prospective members, both experts and rookies, in the field of programming and robotics. We have the sole aim of providing an environment where members are able to cultivate their skills through hands-on practices that mimic if not directly simulate those of professionals in the outside world. The club's ethos is not meant to be that of yet another classroom, but instead we seek to nurture the talents of members through careful guidance and collaboration with each other. Students with an interest in becoming programmers or engineers in either the field of electrical engineering or software engineering will greatly enjoy this club but all those with any interest in the club for non-occupational reasons are known to enjoy it as well.