Mathematics Contests at SOS-HGIC

girlAs part of an attempt to inspire our students to develop an interest in and love for the subject, the Mathematics Department of SOS-HGIC over the past ten years has been giving those students who have the ability or desire to challenge themselves against others around the world the opportunity to compete in the Canadian Mathematics Contests, organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, CEMC, University of Waterloo, Canada. Our IG1, IG2 and IB1 students are registered for the Galois, Hypatia and the Euclid Contests respectively. The questions are sent to SOS-HGIC and the written scripts are sent back to Canada for marking. About 16000 to 20000 students write each of these contests each year from about 1500 schools worldwide. For more information on these contests, please visit It must be said that most of our students have done well in all these contests over the years with each year group trying to improve on what the previous year group achieved.

On 7th April 2017, three of our IB1 students Kristyn Dede Korboe, Theresa Naa Ameiley Ribeiro and Rexford Essilfie accepted the challenge to write the Euclid contest. The scripts have been sent to Canada for marking and we await the results.

On 13th April 2017, Erica Essuman, Ffion Opare-Addo, Anderson Addo, Kyle Amoah, Kwadwo Yeboah Afari, Mawuli Ackuaku, Ekow Bentsi-Enchill all of IG2 wrote the Hypatia Contests. From IG1, we had Adwoa Afrifa, Kwesi Afrifa, Paul Ackah, Michael Torku and Francis Hehemeku also writing the Galois contest. The papers have since been sent to the organisers in Canada for assessment.


Mathematics Inspired Science Education, MISE, Problem Solving Tournament


SOS-HGIC was invited to participate for the first time three years ago in this problem solving tournament where successful students progress to the next level of the tournament till the best is selected to represent Ghana at the International Mathematics Olympiad. In our first attempt, two of our students (now alumni), Ms. Nuneke Esi Fafa Kwetey and Mr. Senyo Kofi Ohene emerged the best two Ghanaian high school Mathematics students and joined other students in representing Ghana at the International Olympiad in Thailand. Last year, the two students were once again called upon to join the team that represented Ghana at the 2016 International Olympiad.

On 7th April 2017, six IB1 students and 3 IG2 students wrote the round 1 of the 2018 International Mathematics Olympiad qualification. Unfortunately, none of the nine students who wrote the MISE competition qualified for the next round of the tournament. They have all been given the chance to participate in the Research Programme, which is also very selective. The students are: Theresa Ribeiro, LizaJane Bunyan, Awurama Akyianu, Marilyn Valis-Akyianu , Ffion Opare-Addo, Hyeon-Jeong Seo, Jevon Amoah, Kwame Anokurang-Budu and Kyle Amoah. We commend all these students for accepting the challenge to be part of this contest.

On the 8th of April 2017, the MISE foundation in Ghana, the organization responsible for the selection of students for the international Olympiad invited our school to take part in the Award ceremony for the 2016 finalists who will be representing Ghana at this year’s Olympiad in Brazil. We are elated to announce to Parents that, we had one of our IB2 students, Jonathan Kweku Deladem Akaba, being selected as one of the three finalists to represent Ghana in Brazil this year. As part of the citation, Jonathan is credited as the only person in Ghana since the inception of the competition seven years ago, to have scored 18 out of 20 questions correctly. This the organizers found amazing as generally most participating students usually score below 5 out of 20 by reason of the questions being challenging and beyond what is taught in our classrooms. It was all joy when Jonathan was called on stage to receive his award. As a school we share in the achievement of Jonathan and congratulate him for this and hope that this inspires other students to avail themselves for such competitions.



Master Jonathan Deladem Akaba – SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College

Written by Richard Domey, Mathematics Teacher

The SOS-HGIC Student Representative Council 2017/18

SRC 1718

Meet the Incoming SRC Executive Body

For the 2017-2018 Academic Year!

President-Elect – Anthony Asare

Vice president-Elect – Mimi Boateng

Public RelationsOfficer-Elect–Afua Mfodwo

Secretary-Elect - Hyeon–Jeong Seo




CAS News - "Hive"




In line with the tradition of community service ever so prevalent in the school, as well as the CAS projects held by every IB1 class, the IB Class of 2018 officially announces the commencement of its project, HIVE. Months of discussion, design and planning have gone into choosing a meaningful name, logo and focus for the project, and we are excited to share our work with you. Taking inspiration from bee colonies, the class believes in the power of concerted efforts, to achieve a common goal, thus the name “HIVE.”

Mampong School for the Deaf and Akropong School for the Blind will be the beneficiaries of the funds raised, with our intervention focused on Sustainable Development Goals Four(quality education) and Six(clean water and sanitation). Special needs schools, especially the two chosen for our project, play very pivotal roles in Ghana’s educational system; however, the stigma associated with and little attention given to people with special needs have culminated in a slow deterioration of the schools’ facilities as well as poor living and learning conditions. HIVE represents our contribution to making life easier and more pleasant for people with needs that should be accommodated.

On Saturday, January 14th all IB students will be visiting the Akropong school for the Blind and the Mampong School for the Deaf, the target institutions for our fundraiser this year. The purpose is to give our students a first-hand exposure to the conditions of the school and their students to enable them relate well to the purpose of the fundraiser. They will also carry out a clean-up exercise and a need assessment survey to help us narrow down on exactly how we can help/ assist these institutions in terms of education and sanitation as per our target SDG.

This year, the organization of year group community service projects has taken on a new form. In place of committees and two overall heads, teams with sub-divisions have been introduced, each with their own coordinators and patrons. Media (with sub-teams of Writing & Documentation, Photography, Videography and Graphic Design), Social Impact, Event Organizers (Logistics, Food and Drinks and Entertainment making up sub-teams) and Finance constitute the various teams; this structure ensures maximum input of each class member and a heightened sense of dedication and drive for utmost success.  Although the focus remains on HIVE, some members of the class will work on other community service projects started by previous year groups to ensure their continuity.

The underlying themes of our CAS experience as a class are sustainability, and making an impact powerful enough to resonate years after our departure from the school community. We humbly request the support of the entire school body as we engage in and present exciting activities geared at helping well-deserving members of our society.

Eyram Adzo Agbe and Kyna Fafa Mensah

Writing & Documentation Team

HIVE Project