collegevisits1IB2 and IB1 students with Admissions Officers from Cornell, Columbia, Princeton and Dartmouth

Our College Prospects

We are at the time of the year where IB2s are currently undergoing the process of selecting and applying to the places they would like to spend the next four years of their life in. This point in the academic year is all about making the right decisions and the right plans and on Monday, the 5th of September, four of the most prestigious universities in the US visited us to help us make these important choices.

Admissions officers from Cornell, Columbia, Princeton and Dartmouth, four of the eight ivy league schools, made their way into the Margaret Nkrumah Hall at 1pm and were almost immediately overwhelmed by students eager to ask them questions. For some, it was a chance to have their names engraved in the minds of these important people for future reference. Believe it or not, it has worked before. The forum began with a question session where people were given the chance to clarify certain misconceptions they had about work opportunities in the United States, the number of international students admitted per school and the diversity of resources available.

It was also a chance for these four schools to attract as many applicants as possible and so each admissions officer was on their A-game. The jovial admissions officer from Cornell enticed us with

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The four Admissions Officers

his talk of the vibrant college community, hi-tech facilities and top-notch engineering and computer science courses. Cornell prides itself in its agricultural research and courses and even has its own cow farm where they milk them and make ice cream. This was a subject of great interest to students.

Columbia was next to impress. The charismatic admissions officer easily charmed students with facts such as Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners being part of the faculty and available for interactions and the close proximity to famous New York City were dreams can come to life. Columbia trains students to be global leaders and be aware of issues that affect humanity as a whole.

Dartmouth gained students’ interest with stories about their unconventional approach to student – teacher relations, a place where a dinner appointment might lead to teachers getting to know their students better and teach them better. The landscape and atmosphere was also a deciding factor for those who love the outdoors and nature. Dartmouth engages in canoeing, rock climbing and other fun activities that help students get in touch with nature.

The last and certainly not the least school to present was Princeton. Known as a major research institute, Princeton is the 4th oldest university in the US. The advantage this brings is, just like Columbia, they have an abundance of international prize-winners available to teach and advise students. What Princeton emphasised on though was their great generosity in giving financial aid to students who apply, regardless of their economic or geographical situation. For many students who get admitted to Princeton, this is the chance to walk out with a degree and loan-free by the end of the four years.

The forum that took place opened up so many possibilities for students and stimulated their dreams, imagination and determination. With the future so close at hand and tensions running high, what is most advisable to do is to calm down and know your goals. However, we are never alone. The advantage of being a student in SOS is that there is always someone to help, in this case the guidance counsellors and with these fantastic opportunities they are bringing us, such as this forum we got a chance to participate in, we will be okay.

Anabel Kubabom, IB2


SOS-HGIC students enquiring about admission at University of Toronto


UBCrepresentative giving advice about admission to UBC