On Wednesday 5th October a group of 20 delegates of the ICERDA 2016 Conference visited SOS-HGIC. They were given a tour of the college premises by members of the Senior Management Team and then had a meeting with Heads of Departments and SMT to learn about SOS-HGIC’s history and find out more about some aspects about the work that is being done here and how parts of what we are doing at SOS-HGIC can be used in Public Education.


ICERDA is an academic research partnership, which was established between the University of Sussex, UK and the University of Ghana, Accra in 2015. The goal was to create a unique space for new and established education researchers and practitioners to disseminate research that addresses and develops critical discourses on education for development in Africa.

The theme of this year’s conference is: “Towards a Vision of Education for Sustainable Development in Africa”. The goal of this year’s conference is to promote meaningful and equitable progress in education for sustainable development, informed by the experience of Education for All and responsive to the aspirations of the next generation of learners.