o1How many have the courage to speak in front of a huge crowd? Not just speak, but confidently articulate one’s thoughts to convey a message that will stay with and most importantly, inspire an audience. Not to mention, the audience is one of the toughest you can encounter, consisting of English scholars waiting to strike at the slightest grammatical error, self-proclaimed philosophers ever ready to rebut any of your ideas and ordinary high school students who will find any reason to make fun of you. Dare I say, not many of us can.

However, eighteen of HGICs boldest overcame the fears that cripple the vast majority of us and they accomplished ao2 Herculean feat; they participated in our annual public speaking competition. Writing their 3 minute speeches – challenging as that was in itself, paled in comparison to the next part of the competition which was to present it to the entire school body.

One would have expected the amateur competitors to be quaking in their boots and fumbling over words, but on the contrary they performed beyond all expectations. Their speeches in a word were captivating. They held our attention not only through the humour they injected into their speeches, but also through gestures that brought the speeches to life.

Of course, like in every other competition a winner emerged. Although all participants were duly rewarded with certificates of participation, the top 3 who were, Nicole Brakohiapa (1st Place), Michael Mugisha (2nd Place) and Kachi Addo-Noble (3rd Place), were presented with mouth-watering cash prizes ranging from GHS200 to GHS500!

I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend the afternoon. You can always sign up next year and take your place in the spotlight - unless you're in IB2, in that case it would be too late. That notwithstanding, it's never too late to build your skill as an orator through actively partaking in any experience which has benefits similar to those of this competition.

Claudette Wilson, IG2