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Each year, students eagerly await National Day not merely because of the sumptuous meals served, but due to the priceless display of cultures from the four corners of the African continent. The following countries; Ethiopia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and host country, Ghana took their turn in the second National Day in the academic year 2017.

As with every grand event, National day entailed extensive planning and preparations spearheaded by the students; rehearsals were recurrent, costumes were mobilized and recipes were catalogued, all towards this day. Due to Ghana’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, there was an untamable drive in all involved to leave an indelible mark on all who attended the event.

To start the event off, there was a reverent procession by the countries mentioned above, clad in rich national attires. As people dug into the mouth-watering dishes, there was a display of dance and music with Abel Sibanda especially leaving mouths gaped in shock as he effortlessly danced Eskista, an Ethiopian dance involving very skilled shoulder movements. The Zimbabweans then gave us a taste of the Southern African culture as they enacted an intriguing skit and energetic dance. Shortly after, the Tanzanians calmed the atmosphere with a slow but striking dance which emphasized the need for Africans to embrace their culture.

Surely, it was not solely dancing we witnessed as we were serenaded by the soothing voices from the land of Sierra Leone. The people of Jamaica were also not left out as their enunciations and crescendos made it a magical journey for the audience who were amazed by the beautiful Jamaican vibe!

Finally, Ghana showed up and showed out with dances from the Northern, Greater Accra, Volta and Central Regions! The audience could not stay in their seats as the dancers exuded so much energy and passion. To cap it all, they spontaneously pulled Mr Ofei, Mr Akita, Mrs Melomey, Madame Quarcoo, and Mr Domey as they boogied on the dance floor. It was truly a sight to behold!

 After all the celebrant nations had performed, Mr Israel Titi-Ofei thanked all staff and students for making the event worthwhile and congratulated students who had partaken in the planning process.

Everything about the event was truly magnificent. Ranging from the stunning layout of the event grounds to the aroma that wafted from the various foods, we were entreated to a splendid national day indeed!

Written by:

Nene Atiapa Morgan-Asiedu and Nadia Baye