The SOS-HGIC drama Creativity Action Service (CAS) group held their audiences of Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22nd April 2017, spell-bound to a fantastic dramatic performance of Yaw Asare’s much acclaimed play, Ananse in the Land of Idiots.

The production which was directed by Isaac Marion Darko and Aba DeGraft-Hanson of the English department was stage-managed by the student directors, Isabella Adu and Velma Bruce-Cathline, of IB1. It ran for two nights and was replete with the full complement of a 45-strong cast, elaborate costumes, live props, a well-designed and well-constructed set, as well as live traditional music and dancing. Their outstanding performance received rave reviews from students, staff, parents and invited guests alike. Emmanuel Osei Bimpong, who was cast in the lead role of Ananse, garnered the praise and applause of the audience as he delivered his lengthy complex lines with the individuality and flair characteristic of a professional actor.


The play began with a monologue by Ananse (Bimpong) revealing his thoughts and plans to the audience before setting off for Dimyimlira, the land of Idiots. From there the play gathers the energy and pace that would lead to a thrilling climax and dramatic end, where the empire of Dimyimlira is left in crisis after Ananse through his Macchiavellian cunning and ruthlessness, absconds with the princess and the wealth of the kingdom.

The success of the production lay in its humorous witty lines and dialogue, and the fast-paced action, which did not leave any room for boredom. Audience participation and engagement was achieved by not only interspersing the action with music and dance, but also through Ananse’s monologues and call-and-response technique. Not even a brief power outage half-way through the production on the second night could mar the brilliance of the performance, and there was even one dramatic moment when Michael Torku of IG1 exhibited his acrobatic skills when he did a somersault as a prelude to a warriors’ dance, setting the scene for the wedding in which Ananse as Pootagyiri, marries the petulant, pampered Princess Soodziisa of Dimyimlira.



Again the vibrancy of the other supporting characters like Akpala (Kojo Lokko), the king (Kwasi Tweneboa and Charles Mensah), the priestess (Cecelia Atieno and Nadia Baye) the princess (Abena Otema Danquah and Naana Kome-Mensah) and her band of pretty smiling and dancing maidens, as well as the indefatigable warriors contributed to the audience’s heightened interest in the production. Indeed one member of the audience confessed to being engrossed in the action from beginning to end and was disappointed when the show ended! Congratulations to the SOS-HGIC DramaCAS group for a spectacular and riveting performance this year! The whole school community from the Senior Management Team (SMT) to our janitorial staff is highly commended for their support in countless ways to the success of this year’s production. We wait to see what next year holds in store! Drama CAS supervisors