HGIC’s Art Department

HGIC’s Art Department is bursting with colour and vibrancy in different senses. From the student-made art mural on the main Art Department’s wall, to the portraits and paintings hung in various places around the school’s campus to the pieces residing inside teachers’ and the principal’s offices, it is clear that this department is largely student-driven and student-oriented.

In accordance with the two international academic programs practiced in the college, the academic side of this Art Department focuses on IGCSE Art and IB Art. Both programs afford a liberal environment for students to explore the different ideas and techniques of their imagination, and experiment with media and methods within suitable academic boundaries, allowing them to fully grow into their personal artistic identities, all with steady guidance from department members. The department, with its Head of Department, is well qualified and experienced, with years of practice in their artistic fields. The hard working members of the department offer adequate support and contribute to the ambience of the department as teachers, coordinators and mentors for their students.

This department is no less involving on the non-academic side. There is a plethora of extra-curricular activities under the banner of CAS – Creativity, Activity, Service – including pottery, wire sculpture, tie and dye, and basket-weaving, not to mention mural painting and assistance with any artistic decorations required for important school activities, such as the annual school play.

The Art Department, with its abundant resources and dedicated department members, is a great place for any student to engage in artistic and intellectual development and growth.


  • Edward Kabutey Adiamah                     –                 Head of Department
  • Nana Kwame                                         –                 Ceramic section   (CAS)
  • Eric Ani-Adjei                                          –                 Wire Sculpture Section  (CAS)
  • Kofi Bentil                                                –                 Basket Weaving Section (CAS)