The following schedule has been drawn up to give prospective and current parents adequate information of proposed fee increases, which are always kept as low as possible, while constantly trying to improve the quality and standard of education, we are known for. Fees will be paid twice a year (per semester) in August and January.

Please note that fees quoted in this schedule are subject to change(s).


Tuition & Boarding for IGCSE/ IB MYP and IB DP







2018 – 2019 GH¢ 20,250.00
GH¢ 27,000.00 GH¢ 33,750.00
GH¢ 67,500.00

Tuition and boarding fees cover all educational and boarding materials, including textbooks, stationery, cutlery, feeding, excursions etc.

*Admission Fee: This is paid once only by new students.

School Uniform Fee

3 tops (shirts/blouses), 2 bottoms (trousers/skirts) and 1 set of sports outfit

Girls – GH¢ 410.00

Boys – GH¢ 410.00


2 bed sheets, 2 bed covers, 2 pillowcases, and 1pillow

Girls –  GH¢ 310.00

Boys – GH¢ 310.00

**Bills for new students will include the cost of uniforms and bedding. Continuing students will be billed when they request for replacement or additional uniforms and bedding.


Scientific Calculator (for IGCSE students) – GH¢105.00

Graphic Display Calculator (for all IB students) – GH¢525.00

There are no “levies”, PTA dues or other extra charges, although parents are billed for medicals, lost or damaged books and damage to school property.


Pocket Money

Suggested pocket money per month (supplied by parents directly to their wards):

IG1Students   –       GH¢80.00

IB1Students   –        GH¢100.00

External Examination Fees – these fees are at the discretion of the Examination Boards and may change on an annual basis. They are payable in the currencies quoted since they go directly to the relevant institutions abroad.


Below are the projected Examination Fees for 2018/19:

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Payable to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Subscription fee £26.96
Fee per syllabus £35.94
Registration for 8 (minimum) subjects £287.52
Registration for 10 subjects £359.40

IncludesHandling/couriercharges –  GH¢ 137.90

Please note that parents are billed for the above fees at the end of 1st Semester of IG2 for payment in January (the second semester of IG2).


International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)

Payable to International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO)

IB Diploma subscription fee $127.00
Registration fee per candidate $172.00
Registration fee for 6 subjects $714.00 ($119.00/subject)
TOTAL PAYABLE: $1, 013.00

Includes Handling/courier charges  –  GH¢168.00

Please note that the College pre-pays the above fees in November (first semester of IB2) and bills parents in December, for payment in January (the second semester of IB DP2).

Optional Tests and Exams

(For students desiring to attend US & Canadian universities)

SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT & TOEFL

Students in IB1 and IB2 may sit for the SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT or TOEFL for entry into USA universities with a written approval from their parents. These fees will be included in the students’ end of semester bill.

SAT $120.00
1 Test $90.00
2 Tests $110.00
3 Tests $120.00
ACT without writing $61.00
ACT with writing $76.50
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) (mainly for Canadian universities) $165.00



  1. All fees are payable by bankdraft.
  2. Tuition and boarding fees should be paid at least one week before the re- opening date and a receipt and chit obtained before students can be admitted into the hostels.
  3. A facility exists for a small number of installment payments, but this MUST be negotiated and agreed with the Principal by the end of the previous semester.
  4. A surcharge of 10% will be levied on unpaid fees for each month of delay beyond the agreed dates.This clause will be strictly enforced.


Semester fees cover only the running costs of the College. SOS-KDI totally funds Investments, major repairs, vehicles, replacement of capital items, significant proportion of personnel costs, construction and any major purchases, especially those which require importation from abroad.

Summary of Fees 2018/ 2019

Admission Fees

IGCSE              GH¢ 20,250.00

IB                      GH¢ 27,000.00

Tuition and Boarding (2018/ 2019)

GH¢ 67,500.00 per annum (GH¢ 33,750.00 per semester)


Cost of 1 blouse  65.00
Cost of 1 skirt  75.00
Sports jersey  65.00
Cost of 1 shirt  65.00
Cost of a pair of trousers  75.00
Sports jersey  65.00


Cost of 1 bed sheet  50.00
Cost of 1 bed cover  55.00
Cost of 1 pillow case  30.00
Cost of 1 pillow  40.00

School /Anniversary Cloth – GH¢ 25.00 per yard

Scientific Calculator (for IGCSEStudents) –GH¢ 105.00

Graphic Display Calculator (for all IB Students) –GH¢ 525.00