The ECD provides students with individual and group sessions based on students’ needs such as:

  • programmes to help students understand and overcome social, emotional or behavioural problems
  • sessions to help students adopt key strategies in setting realistic academic goals and developing a plan to achieve them
  • sessions and workshops to help students develop skills to be more time efficient and become better organised
  • individual and group sessions on stress management
  • individual time management support to students

Furthermore the ECD develops strategies together with staff and parents to help students meet their full potential.

The PSE programme has been devised in order to offer student sessions on sexual awareness, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, relationships, stress management, mental health, financial management and leadership skills.

If and when needed Dr. Ashong refers students and parents to resources outside the school for additional support.

The ECD’s biggest achievement concerns the numbers of students who have engaged with the programmes offered by the department. The stigma attached to seeing an emotional counsellor is indeed changing.

The Emotional Counselling Department (ECD) consists of Dr Carol Ashong as Head of Department.

Dr Carol Ashong

Dr Carol Ashong is an Educational Psychologist and was appointed as the school’s Emotional Counsellor and PSE Leader in August 2016. She graduated from Georgia State University in Atlanta. U.S.A with a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and had previously completed a Master of Science in Educational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Georgia State University and Agnes Scott College respectively. She lived and worked in Atlanta for fourteen years. Dr Ashong has been in the field of Educational Psychology for nearly seven years. She has been published in the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Inquiry in Education, Journal of College Literacy and Learning and Journal of International Students. Her background in educational psychology and experience teaching undergraduate “learning to learn” and “science of learning” courses for four years at Georgia State University’s College of Education has helped hone her skills in merging psychology and education in creating and maintaining vibrant, engaging and emotionally healthy learning environments.