Health & Safety

We are dedicated to keeping our students and staff healthy and safe. We have medical, counselling, and security members on our staff to meet the needs of our community.


When students come to the college they are registered with SOS Village Clinic, just a short walk from campus. The clinic personnel are ready to take care of any basic health needs. More serious health concerns are handled through a network of hospitals in the area. Also, students on campus lead a Red Cross group as part of the Creativity, Action, Service component of our curriculum, to provide first aid when needed. The group also serves as first responders during our athletic activities and events.


Twenty-four-hours-a-day our security team ensures our community is protected. We work hard to make students and staff aware of potential dangers and we have programs to educate our community how to protect against them. There are important rules to help ensure the health and safety of members of our community. We expect students to take care of personal property and label it properly.

Emotional Support

With students from around the world living together away from families and friends, we work hard to build a supportive community that can become a new family. Beyond the standard support network of House Tutors, teachers, and administrators, emotional counsellors are also available to students.