Hostel and Social Life

Each hostel is single-sex, named after a river or lake in Africa, and has students from all the year groups and nationalities represented. The students are looked after in each hostel by a House Tutor, who is responsible for general welfare, operating the house rules, dealing with any problems that might arise and providing a warm, welcoming and family atmosphere for all our students. The House Tutor also acts as a blend of elder brother or sister or mentor, a school parent, disciplinarian, a friend, confidante, counselor and a tutor. Each hostel meets regularly, once a week, to discuss matters concerning members, to extend the Personal, Social and Economic education (PSE) program and to organize themselves for various school events and activities.

Life at SOS-HGIC is defined by the purposeful experiences students have in and out of the classroom. Saturday night entertainment includes Jams, Movie Nights, Happy Hours, Dance Battles, Game Nights, Talent Shows and Request Nights.  Hostel groups also have an annual group activity to socialize.