The ICT Department

The ICT Department consists of the Teaching department and the Technical Support Unit. The department also coordinates the integration of Teaching and Learning Technologies and maintains the Multimedia Lab popularly called the Creativity Lab where both students and staff work on multimedia projects.

Teaching and Learning

Since the courses taught in the department are continuously evolving, teaching and learning is interactive and mostly geared toward helping students sift through the information that is already readily available via the Internet to complete tasks. The aim of the courses taught is to develop knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles in Information Technology and Computer Science. Students are also guided to develop practical problem-solving skills and to develop mastery in the use of productivity applications to complete tasks.

The Common Core program which was introduce 6 years ago to first year students addresses common content in both the IGCSE ICT and Computer Science syllabus for the first semester with an introduction to problem-solving using algorithms. The idea is to provide students with a fair sense of the difference in focus of the two courses while ensuring that students acquire competent skills in the use of productivity applications which will be needed throughout their studies in the school.

Activities & Clubs

The Probotics club is where students engage with programming and robotics for fun and also explore problem-solving possibilities in the school. Students also engage in various competitions such as Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe certified Associate and the Google Code-in. The idea is for students apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in completing tasks, which their peers all over the world are also engaging in. The emphasis is not on winning although students are encouraged to aim for the ultimate prize, but is rather on the experience and learning one takes away from such engagement.


Name Role Email Years at SOS-HGIC

Stephen Bempah Owusu


Teacher:  IGCSE ICT, IGCSE Computer Science

IB Computer Science

Hostel Tutor-

Volta and Ankobra Hostels Since 2008
Mandy Ndoro  

Teacher: IGCSE ICT, IGCSE Computer Science

IB Computer Science, IB Information Technology in a Global Society

Thinking Skills Since 2013
Ayeshat Addison Teacher/ Head of Department: IGCSE ICT, IGCSE Computer Science

IB Computer Science, IB Information Technology in a Global Society

Thinking Skills Since 2005

Abdi Abdulahi


Technical Support Coordinator Since 2003
Anita Boakyewaah  

Technical Support Technician

Hostel Tutor-

Turkana and Cavally Hostels Since 2015
Israel Odartei Lamptey  

Intern – Technical Support Technician January 2017

Muriel Quartey


Intern – Creativity Lab