Language Profile

SOS-HGIC has approximately 350 students from about 20 different African countries. A minority originate from further afield, such as the UK or the USA. About two thirds of students are Ghanaian or of Ghanaian origin while one third come from other African countries including Ethiopia and Burundi, where English is not an official language.

A quarter of the student population do not consider English as their best language, while a large proportion of those who claim that English is their best language are not exposed to it all the time. On the other hand, the majority of students speak several of their local languages with various degrees of proficiency.

The majority of staff are Ghanaian and speak one or several local/Ghanaian languages. A minority originate from other African countries or further afield.

Language Philosophy at SOS-HGIC

In keeping with the SOS-HGIC Mission Statement, the SOS-HGIC Language Philosophy celebrates the diversity of cultures and variety of languages spoken by our College community.

The emphasis in language use at SOS-HGIC is deliberately on English in order to facilitate learning in an English-medium curriculum and to further students’ academic career potential. SOS-HGIC recognises that the knowledge and acquisition of other languages not only promotes cognitive growth but is vital to social interactions, both formally and informally, in and out of the classroom, at home and within the international community.

There is a strong link between learning a language and learning about a culture. It is therefore in the spirit of Pan-Africanism and, more generally, the development of international mindedness, that students are encouraged to be proud of their own language and culture and, equally, learn a language other than their own.

Overview of Language Courses

First Language English

The English courses offered at SOS-HGIC are:

  • IGCSE First Language English
  • IGCSE English Literature
  • IBDP English A Literature (HL and SL)
  • IBDP English A Language and Literature (HL and SL).

First Languages other than English

The First Languages courses offered at SOS-HGIC are:

  • IGCSE First Language French
  • IBDP Amharic A Literature (SL)
  • IBDP Swahili A Literature (SL)
  • IBDP French A Language and Literature (SL).

At IB Diploma level, other Language A options may also be offered as School-supported Self-taught Language A if required by students. Somali A and Portuguese A have previously been offered.

Foreign Languages

The Foreign Languages courses offered at SOS-HGIC are:

  • IGCSE Foreign Language French
  • IBDP English B (HL)
  • IBDP French B (HL and SL)
  • IBDP Spanish ab initio (SL)
  • IBDP Swahili B (HL) (a November session examination)
  • IBDP Swahili ab initio (SL).

For more information on Language Use at SOS-HGIC, on language courses offered at IGCSE and IB Diploma level as well as on language support available at the college, please download the Language Policy Draft that can be found below.

Language Policy