The VALCO Library and Learning Centre

The VALCO Library and Learning Centre plays the central role of supporting the school’s entire curriculum, by enabling teachers, students and staff, to efficiently access and effectively utilise huge collections of credible information resources and ideas across diverse media, disciplines, and languages, as they pursue academic excellence and their career goals.

The HGIC Library Program maintains a conducive and flexible environment that stimulates learning, inspires leisure reading, and also promotes information literacy skills. The library is well resourced with facilities, and modern-day tools that enable it to offer 21st century services to students and staff.

The library’s rich collaborative culture ensures that library personnel are always abreast with the rapidly changing information needs, teaching and learning styles of teachers and students, and are able to tailor library services to meet their needs.

Membership in the Library consists of:

  • Mr. Francis Osae Otopah (Head of Department)
  • Ms. Geraldine Gogo (Assistant Librarian)
  • Mr. Winfried Wuli, Intern