Residential Life


All students of the school are boarders and live in residential facilities called The Hostels. These are on the same plot as the Tema SOS Children’s Village about 20 minutes walk from the main College Campus. Students walk to and from the hostels on school days. This walk provides an avenue for students to exercise, interact and energize themselves. We have nine hostel units for girls and seven units for boys, with eight residential House Tutors, each responsible for about 40 students and supported by four other Resident Tutors. Each House Tutor is also an academic subject specialist and most teach their subject area at both the IGCSE and IB levels.

The hostels are meant to be a second home in school and provide comfortable accommodation and congenial surroundings for students to work and live in as well as stimulating activities and programs to enjoy.

The rooms have individual or bunk beds, study areas, wardrobes, shared toilets and showers. Each student, except prefects and some seniors, has 1 to 3 roommates but all rooms are such that there is privacy and quiet. As part of their education, students are responsible for keeping their environs clean and safe. They sweep their own rooms and surroundings, tend the flower gardens and do their own laundry. There are two separate Common Rooms with television sets and other facilities for relaxation and social interaction. The Hostels also have a mini-stadium, tennis courts, exercise gym and a swimming pool available for students to use after school hours. A college Tuck shop, which is a community service project, sells basic sundry items. Service at the shop is provided by a group of IB students supervised by members of staff. 


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