Student Leadership

Student leadership is an integral part of the education at SOS-HGIC. Students learn leadership through a myriad of avenues, including clubs, student government, and our prefect system.

Student Representative Committee

The Students Representative Council (SRC) is the direct representative of the student body. It provides the channel for students’ views, suggestions and needs to be collated and presented to the school authorities for consideration. As the students’ mouthpiece, the SRC contributes immensely to the welfare and well-being of students through its mature articulation of students wishes regarding their experiences in the school. Its programmes also promote school spirit.

At the start of the school year, each form (both IGCSE and IB) selects one student to represent them on the Students Representative Council. In addition to these eight class reps, the SRC has an executive body (called the SRC Executives) comprising a President, Vice-President, Secretary and a Public Relations Officer (PRO).

The SRC Executives positions are elective. In the second semester of school, students in the IB1 class present themselves to be elected to the various SRC Executive positions during a highly contested SRC Elections. This involves a period of intense campaigning, debates and manifesto nights and actual voting. The elections are conducted by an Electoral Board comprising staff and students using a set of guidelines for the Election of SRC Executives.   Elected executives are presented to the whole school and together with the Prefects Body are given orientation and leadership training before assuming full duties.

The SRC executives have privileges similar to those of Prefects (for instance, single rooms and weekly exeats, etc.)

The SRC designates one or two members of staff (usually a teacher) as their Patron who offers adult insight and provides general guidance. Also, the Senior House Tutor and the Director of Boarding exercise supervision over SRC activities although in a less direct form from that of the Prefects Body.

SRC Constitution

Prefect System

The College uses a system of prefects and monitors to work with teachers and administrators to run school programs and enforce school rules. The Prefect and Monitor System formally recognizes the senior status of the IB students by entrusting select senior students with responsibilities consistent with their strengths and abilities. They are selected based on strong character, ability, maturity, responsibility and leadership qualities. The Prefect System provides an avenue for senior students to influence and foster school spirit across the student body. Prefects and Monitors of the school represent school authorities and community members demonstrate appropriate respect for these student leaders.

Prefects and monitors assist with all of the following areas:

  • Compound
  • CAS and Clubs
  • Prep and Library
  • Dining Hall
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Comportment
  • Hostel

Prefects are selected from the IB2 class, while monitors are selected from the IB1 class, by the faculty. Prefects receive leadership training according to their responsibilities. Head Boy and Head Girl are directly advised by the Vice Principals of the school. Prefects and monitors serve a term of one year and typically monitors move on to become prefects upon entering the IB2 class. Prefects and monitors must demonstrate strength both academically and organizationally in order to balance all their commitments successfully.