SPEAK, which stands for Sharing Poetic Energy and Knowledge, is the school’s poetry-oriented club. This is where like-minded, artistic people come together to share their works of art and poetry, improve their skills of performance, share their concerns about the art, and constructively critique each other, thus helping each other to improve our abilities in the art of words.

We meet every Wednesday in the college at 4 pm, occasionally watching videos that inspire us, sharing our spoken word, be it pre-prepared or freestyled, or even composed on the spot, during the meeting – or reading our written poetry aloud. We are also responsible for the annual Open Mic event, a concert where poetic, musical and other expressive talents are displayed.

Together, we aim to foster the artistic talents in each of us, and increase our appreciation of poetry. The club is not exclusive to solely those who write, or solely those who perform. Anyone with even the mildest interest in the art itself is welcome to be part of the club.