The Orator of the Year public speaking competition

An initiative of the English Department, the ‘Orator of the Year’ competition was introduced in 2013 not only to improve students’ spoken English, but also to inspire and instill confidence in them through the art of public speaking. It has become a staple every year in January and it is an understatement to say it is one of the most exciting programmes on the SOS-HGIC calendar. In this thrilling event students from IG1 to IB2 speak passionately, persuasively and eloquently for 3 minutes to the school community on any subject of their choice linked to an overarching theme set/chosen by the department. Prior to the competition, the contestants research, prepare and practice their speeches relentlessly. Students who have participated and even won trophies in this contest have affirmed that their confidence has soared tremendously. This yearly event continues to grow from strength to strength and to garner the support and patronage of the school community.

The International Public Policy Forum Debate

The Brewer Foundation’s International Public Policy Forum (IPPF) debate is a valuable opportunity for high school students to debate each other and build essential written and verbal skills while competing for the  10,000 US-dollar grand prize, as well as the trophy and title of IPPF Champion!

In October 2015, 3 students from SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College (SOS-HGIC) - Jonathan Kweku Akaba, Naasey Arthur and Darley Sackitey - qualified for the top 64 round of the 13th annual IPPF debate. In the qualifying rounds, joining 242 schools from across the globe, the SOS-HGIC team submitted a 2,800 word essay on the topic, "Resolved: Genetically modified organisms are essential to global food security." in the qualifying rounds.

In late November, the top 64 teams were selected. These represented 47 U.S. teams from 24 states and 17 international teams from 15 countries including China, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan and India with the SOS-HGIC team as one of only two African representatives and the sole representative of Ghana. They received certificates of participation and medals marking their remarkable achievement. For this, we as a school community collectively say, Ayekoo!  This year, the Writers’Centre will be preparing a new team of intrepid debaters to pursue the International Public Policy Forum Debate trophy for the second year  in a row.