Communications Office

The Communications Office at SOS HGIC is committed to the timely, and acurate dissemination of information regarding events and other notable occurrences to the staff, and students through weekly newsletters, and to the parent body through an occasional Parent Periodical. 

Flossy Azu '05 joined the HGIC team as Head of Communications and the Alumni Office. Being an alumnus herself, she is a particular asset to the community, as she understands and is a proponet of the school's philosophy, and focus on excellence. 

Support Staff

Support Staff

There are many challenging tasks at a school such as SOS-HGIC and the staff members employed to make sure our school is a clean and functioning place are listed below.

  • Mr. Philip Akawiida, Life Guard

  • Mr. Isaac Abakah, Labourer

  • Ms. Victoria Acheampong, Cleaner

  • Mr. David Annan, Labourer

  • Ms. Comfort Ansah, Cleaner

  • Mr. Jonas Kwesi Anaisie, Cleaner
  • Mr. David Aboagye Danquah, Maintenance Assistant

  • Mr. Andrew Andoh, Gardener
  • Mr. Abraham Appiah, Cleaner

  • Ms. Doris Appiah, Cleaner

  • Mr. Michael Ayeebo, Labourer

  • Mr. John Azure, Labourer

  • Ms. Ernestina Dabrah, Cleaner
  • Ms. Mercy Donkor, Cleaner

  • Mr. Paul Eghan, Labourer

  • Ms. Mabel Kalevor, Canteen Cleaner
  • Mr. Kofi Ketu, Labourer

  • Mr. Samuel Naya, Labourer

  • Mr. Ernest Opoku, Gardener

  • Mr. Sampson Tandoh, Gardener

Physical Education

Physical Education & Sports Department

The Physical Education & Sports Department follows the philosophy “a sound mind in a healthy body” by facilitating a range of activities for students through our Physical Education and Sports programmes. The College’s sports programme has yielded some great results, with 2014/2015 first place finish at the International Schools Sports Association of Ghana (ISSAG) competitions in Swimming (girls and boys), Volleyball (girls and boys), Tennis (girls), Table Tennis (girls and boys), Track and Field (girls, boys and overall), Hockey (girls and boys), Basketball (girls) and Soccer (girls and boys). In all, the school won 15 trophies at the 2014/2015 ISSAG competitions.

Every student participates in at least one sport two days per week while some students participate in a number of sports. Students can enjoy various sports solely for leisure or can become members of the school’s team at a competitive level, requiring daily practice.

The SOS-HGIC Sports Department oversees over ten teams, including:

  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Handball
  • Badminton
  • Hockey
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Judo
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field

Students at the College compete against various international schools and amongst themselves. SOS-HGIC plays schools such as Tema International School, Ghana Christian International High School, Faith Montessori School, Morgan International School, Ghana International School and Akosombo International School at the International Schools Sports Association of Ghana (ISSAG) competitions. There are presently 14 schools that compete in ISSAG competitions. Within the college, the Sports Department hosts events such as Swimming Competitions, Volleyball Competitions, Track and Field Competitions, Inter-Hostel Soccer League (ISL), and Inter-Hostel Basketball Competitions. Students have countless ways to enjoy sports and demonstrate their athletic abilities.

The members of the Physical Education & Sports department are:

  1. Michael Oduro                     -                 Head of P.E & Sport Department
  2. Owusuaa Amponsah           -                 Intern & Assistant
  3. Philip Akawiida                    -                 Life guard
  4. Dominic Akanti                    -                 Pool attendant
  5. Patrick Oman                      -                 Part time Soccer/Hockey coach
  6. Paa Kwesi Akonu-Atta        -                 Part time Volleyball/Tennis coach
  7. Ralph Quaye & Team          -                Part time Swimming coaches

We also have other teachers who support the department as coaches.

They are:

  1. Mandy Ndoro                       -             Basketball coach (girls team)
  2. Lawrence Badoe                 -              Basketball coach (boys team)
  3. Stephen Owusu-Bempah     -            Tennis coach
  4. Mark Carter                          -            Track & Field coach


Security Team

Twenty-four hours a day our security team, coordinated by Mr. Nelson Amey, ensures our community is protected, both at the hostels and on college campus.

  • Mr. Samuel Addawoo, Security Guard
  • Mr. Kafui Akoto, Security Guard
  • Mr. Kingdom Amegah, Security Guard
  • Mr. Nelson Amey, Assistant Security Coordinator
  • Mr. Mohammed Apam, Security Guard
  • Mr. Samuel K. Awusi, Security Guard
  • Mr. Dellie Bernard Cudjoe, Security Guard
  • Mr. Tafa Kanluaru Dawuda, Security Guard
  • Mr. Robert Donkor, Security Guard
  • Mr. Alfred Dzodzoedzi, Security Guard
  • Mr. Lawrence Elllison, Security Guard
  • Mr. Christopher Etsey, Security Guard
  • Mr. Obed Fosu, Security Guard
  • Mr. David Jackson Fry, Security Guard
  • Mr. Foster Kojo Gbologah, Security Guard
  • Mr. Solomon Kadzaloh, Security Guard
  • Mr. Isaac Koranteng, Security Supervisor
  • Mr. Dauda Musah, Security Guard
  • Mr. Samuel Okine-Halm, Security Guard
  • Mr. Abdullah O. Salifu, Security Guard
  • Mr. Nicholas Nanor Teye, Security Guard


The VALCO Library and Learning Centre

The VALCO Library and Learning Centre plays the central role of supporting the school’s entire curriculum, by enabling teachers, students and staff, to efficiently access and effectively utilise huge collections of credible information resources and ideas across diverse media, disciplines, and languages, as they pursue academic excellence and their career goals.

The HGIC Library Program maintains a conducive and flexible environment that stimulates learning, inspires leisure reading, and also promotes information literacy skills. The library is well resourced with facilities, and modern-day tools that enable it to offer 21st century services to students and staff.

The library’s rich collaborative culture ensures that library personnel are always abreast with the rapidly changing information needs, teaching and learning styles of teachers and students, and are able to tailor library services to meet their needs.

Membership in the Library consists of:

  • Mr. Francis Osae Otopah (Head of Department)
  • Ms. Geraldine Gogo (Assistant Librarian)
  • Mr. Winfried Wuli, Intern